Manyminds Meet: Give it a go conference

Kirsty Hulse

MD & Founder

Aug 14

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to speak at Search Love Boston. There, several people asked me how I got in to speaking and that they’d like to give it a go. It then occurred to me how many of the opportunities I’ve had in my career to date have come from speaking; so we decided to create a digital marketing conference for people who have never spoken, but would like to, to provide an opportunity to the community that has done so much for me, to get on stage and share their ideas.

So, introducing, the first of our Manyminds Meets events, the not so snappily named, ‘Give it a go conference’.

Manyminds Meets: Give It A Go conference is a digital marketing conference aimed at giving people who have never spoken before an opportunity to get on stage and share their ideas. It’s a full day event packed full of tips from industry experts and practitioners, sharing new and fresh ideas.

Tickets are completely free, there are no sponsors and we’ll be providing the beer. The purpose of this conference is exclusively to give back to the SEO and digital communcity, hear some exciting new talks and meet some new people.

Speakers are still being confirmed, so if you’re interested in speaking but have never had the chance, email kirsty @

The event is October 20th in London and you can register for tickets here.


Alex Cassidy, Outreach Team Lead, Verve Search

Alex made the leap into SEO in March last year, when he joined the outreach team at Verve Search.  The Daily Mirror once referred to him as a ‘coin expert’ which was kind of cool, kind of handy in terms of talking to journalists, but (of course) not in the slightest bit true.

Over the past year Alex has got links from a bunch of top-tier sites including Huffington Post, Daily Mail, The Sun, Independent and The Guardian. Using real world examples, he’ll share highs, lows, happy accidents, and the things he’s learned about outreach.

Angus Carbarns, Insights Analyst, Dog

Drawing on his social science background, Angus provides analytics, personalisation and measurement strategies for some of the UK’s largest brands, as well as a number of non- profits. He also keeps a blog ( documenting ideas and experiments in CRO and search.‘The confluence of SEO & amp; CRO: optimising for task completion in a machine learning world’ – This talk explores the growth of machine learning in search, referencing recent research to
posit a near-future in which optimising for task completion dissolves distinctions between
SEO and CRO. This talk discusses Google’s steady shift towards a user-cantered algorithm,
and how CRO-thinking can and must be utilised to deliver more context-sensitive and SEO

Anna Corbett, Head of Digital Marketing, Base Creative

Originally from Germany, Anna is super efficient and logical, though she’s been softened by years of British politeness and queuing. For over 10 years, she’s devoured every scrap of knowledge about search marketing, and applies it daily as Head of Digital Marketing at Base Creative. Anna is obsessed with helping real businesses become more literate in online marketing, so they no longer demand to appear at #1 in Google for every word in the dictionary.

In her talk, Anna will unveil her secret recipe to bake your own marketing channel strategy, based on a framework she created and uses most days. Using this foolproof approach, you’ll impress clients and inspire them to put your plan into action.
Anna co-authored the book 50 Days of Social Media, but doesn’t like to talk about it.

Maret Reutelingsperger, Digital Account Manager, Aira

Maret is a digital marketing account manager at Aira. She has made the big cross over from in-house marketing management to #agencylife earlier this year and now works with a range of clients across technical SEO, PPC, social and digital PR. When recently asked to use an emoticon to describe her, her colleagues wholeheartedly agreed it should be the “happy nerd” one with glasses (proof of which, you can see here).

Maret will talk about the battle of ‘in-house v agency’ and share differences, similarities and what each side can learn from one another.

Daniel Morehead, SEO Manager, CTI Digital

Dan joined CTI Digital in 2015 and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of SEO campaigns, from pre-sales, strategy planning and implementation, through to reporting. Experienced in managing SEO campaigns of all sizes, from major entertainment brands and worldwide travel agencies to non-profit organisations and local independent businesses, he has helped to increase the organic visibility for a wide range of clients.

With five years’ worth of agency experience, Dan joined CTI in 2015 and is involved in the building of new websites from the very beginning, helping to ensure sites are built with SEO in mind, rather than seen as an afterthought. This talk focuses on how to put processes in place for seamless site and domain migrations and how to trim down bloated historic sites. Expect take-away actions and why we should treat new sites as an opportunity for organic improvement.

Emma Barnes, Senior Insights and Analytics Analyst, Branded3

With a degree in Mathematics, Emma is Branded3’s Senior Insights and Analytics Analyst. Passionate about anything with graphs or analysing trends (also loves videos games and creating comics), Emma is both Google Analytics and Optimizely certified. She has worked on creating CRO campaigns and Analytical health-checks across many businesses, including ecommerce and lead generation websites.

Emma’s talk will be ‘Stop Making Crap* Decisions: 10** Ways to Fix your Analytics Data’. Bad Data = Bad Decisions and include actionable advice for anyone who reports from GA (Sorry Adobe users) to make sure what they’re reporting on and making their actions based on it’s complete rubbish.

Luke Monaghan, SEO Manager, Koozai

Starting his journey in SEO over three years ago, Luke has worked across plenty of brands operating in a range of industries. His curiosity with all things ‘new’ has helped him to stay up-to-date and often ahead of the changes seen with SEO.

His talk will be ‘Let’s Talk Voice Search and SEO’. The growth in voice search has been undeniably huge – discover how we can optimise for the fastest growing type of search. Tried-and-tested tactics. With a particular interest in Mobile SEO and Voice Search, Luke has learnt many tactics (and lessons) on how businesses can adapt and grow with the future of search!

Sally Newman, SEO Executive, Koozai

Sally’s love of digital marketing has grown in immense measures since she first stepped on the scene three years ago as Koozai’s bubbliest SEO executive, with a firm focus on technical SEO, local SEO and branding. Filling her days discovering new search trends and exploring how to bridge the gap between SEO and branding so they can work in sweet, sweet harmony.

Sally’s talk showcases how companies can work in a more succinct way to deliver stronger online marketing strategies with robust SEO and branding relationships. Exploring examples of companies that are hitting the right balance between SEO and branding, Sally’s talk delves deeper into the countless benefits of having a robust strategy that includes both, as each is integral to the success of the other.

Emily Clayfield, Content Marketing Consultant, Builtvisible

An experienced Content Marketing Consultant at Builtvisible, Emily loves experimenting with new formats. Her recent digital PR work has been featured on the BBC, Huffington Post, Quartz and Fast Company. She is also a big fan of podcasts and audiobooks as well as yoga and ballet. She’ll be joining us to talk about ideas – what makes a good idea, how to find inspiration and how she and the team come up with great ideas at Builtvisible.

Ally Biring, Founder One White Wall

Ally has over 7 year’s experience working across SEO, Content, Media and Social, and just because she wanted to see how online and offline should integrate she went off and tried her hand at experiential. With a multi-channel background, Ally spends her time with clients to help them better understand what they need to help their business grow, and better structure campaigns so they are able to ensure their message lands at the right time and at the right place for their consumers. She can be found in her spare time obsessively consuming all things web (think Reddit rabbit holes), content, social and sub cultures.

John Jackson, Organic Search Development Manager, Epiphany Search

John is the Organic Search Development Manager at Epiphany. He has been working at agencies for longer than he would like to admit, specialising in all things Organic. He’s now steadily expanding his knowledge base, working more with broader marketing techniques and working with Epiphany’s parent company Jaywing.

His talk aims to put an end to “millennial marketing”, highlighting all the reasons why you can’t target people born from 1980-95 as one homogenised mass, and pointing out the myriad of better ways you can target your audience, for both organic and paid channels.
Imogen Davies, SEO Content Manager, Found

Imogen joined the world of SEO three years ago as an intern and used her knowledge of psychology to “get inside people’s minds” before getting promoted to SEO Content Manager in just three years. Psychology is a fundamental part of Imogen’s approach to SEO and she has developed her own framework to make sure she not only reaches customers but hangs on to them as well.

Her talk will be ‘Smart Targeting: The key to getting what you want out of your pages’, from conception through to distribution, this talk will look at how smart targeting and the right approach to your audience can work wonders for your content, whether as stand alone pieces or parts of a larger campaign.

Dan Callis, Technical SEO Consultant, StrategiQ

Dan Callis has been working in SEO for close to 6 years, cutting his teeth primarily as a link builder at OKO Digital before moving on to technical SEO roles with Vertical Leap, Further and currently StrategiQ. In that time, he has worked on everything from small local websites and eCommerce stores to large international brands serving over 30 regions and languages.

Dan has also previously had work featured on Moz, SEMrush and Search Engine Land. What if I told you that you don’t need a huge budget for tools or vast technical knowledge on APIs to make use of extensive volumes of keyword data? This talk will provide actionable tips and tools to help anyone start gathering, sorting and gaining valuable insights from large numbers of keyword data. All you need is a little bit of Excel knowledge and time.

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