Josh Nicholas

Josh loves gantt charts more than his family.

Meet Josh

Josh is a senior SEO consultant who spent 8 years working in an agency environment before deciding to go freelance. He focuses on SEO, content marketing and conversion optimisation, working with various clients, ranging from start-ups, SMEs and in-house teams, to agencies and global brands.

What’s your background?

I originally got into SEO via the affiliate space, where I was building and ranking micro-sites in my spare time and monetising them with ads. I then spent four years working agency-side as both a SEO Account Manager and Digital Strategist.

What do you do at Manyminds?

As one of the ‘minds’ I’ve worked as both a Project Manager and as a general SEO Consultant.

Why did you decide to go freelance?

I find it difficult to accept outmoded conventions, whether it be commuting to the office, working set hours, or wearing business attire. So the question for me is more ‘why did I decide to work for an agency in the first place’? Basically to get exposure to the broader industry and the corporate environment so I could understand how to best service larger clients as an independent.

What do you like about being freelance?

So many things! There’s the obvious simple stuff like ditching the commute and having greater flexibility in terms of hours and working environment. Beyond that, it’s being able to work with so many different businesses and so many different types of people. The diversity keeps your skills sharp and gives you a better view of the overall landscape. Choosing the music in my office every day is another big plus!