Manyminds Meets: Give it a go October 2017

Last Friday was the inaugural Manyminds Give it a Go Conference. We invited experts from the industry, who had never spoken at a conference before, to share some of their experiences, ideas and tactics.

It was a busy day, with 123 speakers, 12 vats of coffee and 1 very stressed Kirsty, though the room was packed and all of the speakers were wonderful and the presentations insightful.

Thanks again to everyone who came to support the speakers, and a huge thanks and congratulations to all those involved.

Luke Monaghan, SEO Manager, Koozai

His talk will be ‘Let’s Talk Voice Search and SEO’ discussed his tried and tested tactics to start maximisiing this exciting new opportunity.

Anna Corbett, Head of Digital Marketing, Base Creative

Anna shared a delightful talk focusing on establishing a holistic marketing framework and, naturally, cats in hats.

Tom Pratt, Operations Director, Manyminds

Tom gave an insightful and inspiring talk on the future of search and how marketers can stay ahead of the curve.

Angus Carbarns, Insights Analyst, Dog

This talk discusseed Google’s steady shift towards a user-centered algorithm, and how CRO-thinking can and must be utilised to deliver more context-sensitive SEO strategies.

Alex Cassidy, Outreach Team Lead, Verve Search

Alex shared real world examples of the lows, highs and happy accidents from his first year in outreach.

Maret Reutelingsperger, Digital Account Manager, Aira

Maret discussed the battle of ‘in-house v agency’ and share differences, similarities and what each side can learn from one another.

Sally Newman, SEO Executive, Koozai

Sally’s talk showcased how companies can work in a more succinct way to deliver stronger online marketing strategies with robust SEO and branding relationships. 

Imogen Davies, SEO Content Manager, Found

This talk looked at how smart targeting and the right approach to your audience can work wonders for your content, whether as stand alone pieces or parts of a larger campaign.

Daniel Callis, Technical SEO Consultant, StrategiQ

This talk will provided actionable tips and tools to help anyone start gathering, sorting and gaining valuable insights from large numbers of keyword data.

Emily Clayfield, Content Marketing Consultant, Builtvisible

Emile gave an exciting talk about ideas – what makes a good idea, how to find inspiration and how she and the team come up with great ideas at Builtvisible.

Emma Barnes, Senior Insights and Analytics Analyst, Branded3

Emma delighted us with real world examples of, and solutions to, broken analytics data

Richard Tank, Head of Digital, Climb Online

Rich spoke to us about how search automation can help us get more whilst doing less

Daniel Morehead, SEO Manager, CTI Digital

This talk shared the processes needed for a seamless site and domain migration

We’ll be hosting another early next year so keep posted and stay in touch if you’d like to speak.


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